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Life is celebration & beautiful journey.It constantly & beautifully happens. We always want something different & resist whatever happening. We spend our maximum time & attention in the act of making it happen". As we learn to tune ourselves with the flow of life & stop resisting whatever happens,life flows beautifully.When dichotomy as we & our purpose of life vanishes it becomes one & that is joy.When we experience the joy & gratitude within that is the fullfillment.

                     Mind Spa is the result of many years of dedicated research and planning. Conceived from the desire to reach out to people and to make positive differences in their life.
We continue to provide solutions to our clients through training and counselling across the Globe.


Mental Health Awareness.

To help people to develop their potential from within with help of training and coaching.

Positive transformation through training and counseling


One of the mission of MIND SPA is to help individuals not only away from psychosomatic disorders but to live life with their FULL POTENTIAL,PASSION,JOY & FULLFILLMENT.


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Intro of Dipti Panhalkar

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Educational Seminars

Audio Visual Educational
Intro of Dipti Panhalkar

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Psychology counselling and Coaching Sessions

Book Your Transformational Coaching Session, Psychology Counselling Session With
Dipti Panhalkar

(One On One Session)
  •   Depression

  •  Post Marital Issues

  •  Premarital Counseling

  •  Family Issues

  •  Work Life Issues

  •  Stress Management

  •  Grievance Handling

  •  Emotional Management

  •  Sex Education

Online Psychology Counseling Session(Skype)

Skype Counseling Sessions Successfully helped the client situated in London to resolve her deeper Emotional Issues.

UpComing Events

Do you want to live the life of your dreams & to achieve desirable outcomes using your power of sub-conscious mind & to create massive difference in different areas of your life like Health,Income,Relationships!!!!

Then Then take decision today itself

I am Dipti Panhalkar(M.A.PSYCHOLOGY/MBS HR Pune)(Psychologist and Mindfulness Coach)!!!!

I have conducted several workshops for government officers in (Yashada) and corporate sector, one on one coaching counseling sessions & facilitated positive transformation in thousands of people!!

Facilitated positive transformation all over Maharashtra through sharing 100+ articles on wellness,soft skills published by renowned newspapers like Maharashtra Times,Sakal etc

Talk Series telecasted on Mind Gym and Wellness to motivate people by Next-generation digital TV. In Pune Be a part of this Incredible Seminar (worth 25000) and Master the simple tools to reprogram your subconscious mind create the life of your choice!!!!

When you come you will master

  • Learn and Master the tools to reprogram your mind and to eliminate negative     thought patterns which stops you to take right decisions and act on it!!!
  • Practice emotional fitness tools and learn to reduce impact of harmful emotions     like Anger, Frustration,fear,insecurity etc. and protect yourself from     psychosomatic diseases like High B.P, High Sugar, Asthma, Heart attack etc. !!!
  • Master your Mindset Which makes you free from undesirable feelings,     undesirable memories of past, fears, phobias and helps you to achieve your     desired goals and outcomes!!
  • Learn the tools to unlock your subconscious Mind for unlimited happiness and     success through the proven techniques of Mind mastery like Creative     Visualization!!!
  • Discover your inner hidden talents, creativity which may lead you unlimited     Wealth and Financial Success!!
  • Learn the art of establishing good rapport within your interpersonal relationships!
  • Create the Positive Transformation within you by simply changing your internal     belief system and change your undesirable habits!!! Adopt the new Blue-Print to     create massive change in your life!!!

This event with Dipti Panhalkar will help you to understand power of your emotions, resources full positive mood and how you can utilize it for your best performance in your respective chosen fields

Details of Event
Date- 8 Sept
Time-10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Venue- PMA(Pune Management Association)1st floor, Institute Of Engineers Building, Shivaji Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411005

So register for the event now!!

About Me

Dipti Panhalkar is multi faceted personality with an innate inclination to spirituality.

Dipti started working as a MBA lecturer with the management institute and worked as a visiting faculty with different renouned institutes in Pune. Passion to reach out and to help people for making positive differences in their lives,She started her own consultation Mind Spa.She helped different clients suffering from mental health issues to make positive differences in their lives through psychology counseling sessions.She also facilitated workshops in corporate sector and government sector on soft skill development through Mind Spa.She empowered more than 6000 students from different management institutes through her workshops and designed faculty development programs.

Other than training and counselling Dipti is passionate about several adventures activities like trecking,mountaineering.She has completed different adventures treks,paragliding,paracelling,scuba diving etc

She has been recipient of many prestigious awards in different Personality and Beauty contests. She won the tittles like Mrs Kolhapur,Mrs Pune, and She has been selected as one of the contestant from Pune for Mrs Maharashtra beauty pegent by Times Group.She has also masterd kathhak dance and performed her own stage performances.

Glimpses of Some of Professional Accomplishments
  •  100+Articles published in Renowned News papers
  •  C.D on Wellness released (Emotional Wellness)
  •  Talk series telecasted through Next Generation Digital T.V       channel.
  •  Facilitated Transformation of Thousands of Pepole Through       workshops in Government and Corporate sector .
  •  Empowered 6000+ Students in reputed management Institutes.
  •  Invite as a Pannel member to guide UPSC aspirants in Yashada along with       team of IAS officers
  •  Invite as a chief guest to Singh gad Institute to inspire students.

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