Dipti Panhalkar
Psychologist, Healer , NLP Certified Practitioner, Facilitator Of Transformational Therapy Sessions
Inspirational Speaker
Eminent guest faculty at various B-Schools
Passionate Corporate Trainer
Facilitator of Corporate Training Programs & Workshops
Contribution of Training & Development of Students in the field of Education
Contribution in the field of Training and Development of Government Officers(MPSC/UPSC)
Contribution in the field of Arts & Dance Performances
Recipient of Various Prestigious Awards Of Beauty & Personality Contests
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Suffering of soul happens when we are disconnected from the essence of who we are



Center For Healing,Harmony & Hapiness Of Mind

       Mind Spa is the result of many years of dedicated research and planning. Conceived from the desire to reach out to people and make a positive difference in their life.

       Life is celebration & beautiful journey. It constantly & beautifully happens. We always want something different & resist whatever happening. We spend our maximum time & attention in the act of "making it happen". As we learn to tune ourselves with the flow of life & stop resisting whatever happens,life flows beautifully.
       When dichotomy as we & our purpose of life vanishes it becomes one & that is joy.
       When we experience the joy & gratitude within that is the fullfillment.
       One of the mission of MIND SPA is to help individuals not only away from psychosomatic disorders but to live life with their FULL POTENTIAL,PASSION,JOY & FULLFILLMENT.

Up Coming Events

1)Workshop on Stress Management & Mind gym

2)Mind Gym

3)Personality development session in vishwakarma institute of mgt

4)session on how to handle Anxiety at Indira Institute of mgt

  • Mind Gym

    Well designed programs to enhance Emotional & Psychological fitness.

    Benefits of the workshop

    Helps To Overcome Stress,Tensions,Anxiety,Fears
    Helps To Alleviate The Biological Symptoms of(by,Diabetes,Asthma etc)
    Builds Seff-Confidence,Self-Esteem Rapport,Positive Self Image.
    Strengthen Memory,Concentration,Interpersonal Relations.
    Reduce Intensity,Frequency & Duration Of Negative Emotions Like Anger,Frustation Etc.
    Helps To Focus On Your Goals.(Health,Family,Relationships,Finance,Spiritual,Social)
    Maintains High Energy Levels For Your"Best Performance".

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  • NLP

    Unlock the secrets of mind with Neuro-Linguistic Programming

    Welcome in the world of NLP a behavioural model co-created by Dr.Richard Bandler & John Grinder.
    NLP is fast & effective skills tools & techniques gleaned from many different disciplins.
    practice of understanding how people organize their thinking,feeling,language & behavior produce results they do.
    Its a study of observing all the geneious people in their respective fields & modelling their skills & excellance to produce same kind of results.

    With the help of NLP learning you will achieve

    1) Happiness/Peace of mind
    2)Financial growth
    3)Social popularity
    4)Take control of your life
    5)Fullfillment in relationships
    6)Develop new thought pattern and habits
    7)NlP for Persuasion in everyday life
    8)A way to change problematic family patterns & dysfunctional marital patterns

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  • Coaching and Counselling

    Coaching sessions are helpful in

    Life style Improvement
    Business Development
    Cultivate new relationships
    To Lead Happy & Prosperous Life

    Counselling Session Are Helpful In

    A)Changing Internal Emotional Distress
    B)Changing Destructive Thought Patterns,Changing dysfunctional Behaviors & Following Issues:
    1) Child counselling
    2) Parent
    3) Family
    4) Pre-marital
    5) Stress
    6) Psychosomatic problem
    7) Addiction
    8) Sex education
    9) HIV/AIDS related
    10) Homosexuality
    11) Sexual problems
    12) Women menopausal issues
    13) Pregnancy & child birth related issues
    14) Work-life balance
    15) Relationship issues

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  • REBT

    Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

    Welcome in the world of REBT created by Dr.Albert Elis.
    most people know when they have a dysfunctional amount of emotion in their lives it can impact negatively on their lives.
    Emotion is helful energy to motivate us and help us act to make our lives better.
    example frustration will make us try harder & concern will make us take helpful precautions.
    Anger & Anxiety can protect us from threats;but if we are not able to manage emotions effectively they work against us instead of for us.
    Learn REBT for effective emotional Management.....

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  • EFT

    Emotional Freedom Technique

    Welcome in the world of EFT created by Mr.Gary Craig. to make life more Successful & Happy
    Our thoughts ,emotions & deeply embeded beliefs are the main cause of our life do not flourish the way we want. So choose the processes & tools in EFT & understand the dynamics of changing own beliefs & thoughts deeply embeded within us.

    EFT will help you to resolve the issues of 1)Anger, Abuse, Fear, Pain Relief, Patterns of abuse, Addictions, Break free from past, Unhealthy habits, Addictions, Anxiety, Guilt, Depression, Emotional Traumas, Inferiority complexes, Low Confidence, Weight loss, To Achieve well-being and Happiness

    Choose the simple tools & protocols to flourish your life the way you want to.....

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