Effective Leadership Development

What You Are Going To Master

  •  Importance Of Happy attitude in Leadership Development !!
  •  How To lead others to achieve their desirable Outcomes & Goals !!
  •  How to deliver constructive feed-back to team for their development as well as to achieve organizational goals !!
  •  How to do Constructive Criticism !!
  •  How to be Proactive when others make mistakes & Suggest them Constructively !!
  •  How to communicate with yourself after distressed event & lead Your self to Resourceful State !!
  •  Right Thinking & Action Strategies to improve the Confidence of your team & to inspire them !!

Methodology : Lectures, Role-plays, Experience Sharing, Video Playback and Feedback.

Target Group : Senior level and Middle level Managers of different departments,Leaders.

Recommended Number of Participants : 30 To 40

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