MIND GYM For Emotional Fitness

  •  After any Issue how to take charge of our own Emotions
  •  How to communicate while Feeling disturb !!(Self & others ) Use Self Affirmations !!
  •  Scientific Breathing tools to soothe the Emotional Pain
  •  Strategies & techniques to change our focus and to experience desirable Emotions
  •  After an heated argument how to lead yourself and others to the Desirable State
  •  Learn to experience How you can alter your bad mood with help of Simple Strategies
  •  Experience How you can change your patterns anxiety,distress by simple methods
  •  How to remove Past Painful Memories from your life.
  •  Learn to enhance Peace and Happiness of your mind.
  •  Employees experiencing resourceful state of mind and positive mood are more productive to achieve the goals of organization !!
  •  They enjoy family life better when trained about how to handle Negative Emotions.!!
  •  Positive interactions with other team members creates the Environment of Understanding Acceptance and cooperation with Team. !!

Methodology : Lectures, Role-plays, Experience Sharing, Video Playback and Feedback.

Target Group :

Recommended Number of Participants : 30 To 40

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