In our day to day life so many people feel anxiety,nervousness and distress.Some times after an undesirable event unresourcefull negative state of mind remains the same and even creates further problems in our life.In order to change this un resource full state of mind,Mind Spa has designed the wellness CD.

This Audio CD consist of Soothing music specifically for relaxation of your mind and Auto suggestions and Affirmations for your wellness.

Recommended time to listen to the CD before you sleep,you can listen this audio CD while sitting on chair or lying on bed.


  •  Tranform your life with the art of meditation & Changing your belief systems.
  •  Make yourself healthy to enjoy your health, wealth & Fitness with the help of creative      visualisation & creating new belief system.
  •  This cd focuses on affirmations and how to use this affirmations for changing your      internal beliefs which are helpful for you to change your automatic thoughts.
  •  To change your old belief systems & reprogram your new belief systems for better      relationships, health & creating wealth.
  •  Create a transformation within for changing your undesirable habits.
  •  Adopting the new blue print of transforming your self creates massive change in your      life.
  •  To achieve internal wellness by creative visualization.


  •  Mind and Body Rejuvenation
  •  Subconscious Reprogramming for Your Health and Wealth.
  •  Regulate your High BP and High Sugar Level
  •  Help full to overcome sleep lessness

Book Coming Soon...

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