REBT(Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy)

Welcome in the world of REBT created by Dr.Albert Ellis. most people know when they have a dysfunctional amount of emotion in their lives it can impact negatively on their lives. Emotion is helpful energy to motivate us and help us act to make our lives better. Example frustration will make us try harder & concern will make us take helpful precautions. Anger & Anxiety can protect us from threats;but if we are not able to manage emotions effectively they work against us instead of for us. Learn REBT for effective emotional Management..... REBT is a therapy in which client learns how to think rationally and taking rational choices that makes his life better.

REBT sessions provides Mental and Emotional Tool Kits For Life

Here are some Self Help Tools

  •  To understand and appreciate the role of emotions plays in everyday life.
  •  To have Unconditional Self-Acceptance & Other Acceptance.
  •  To have an Internal Locus of Control
  •  To Recognize Ir-rational thinking in yourself and others
  •  To know how to correct Ir-rational thinking
  •  To have a step by step approach to potentially troubling life events
  •  To assert yourself with I-Messages
  •  To recognize when you & others have Mistaken goals.
  •  To evaluate your own thoughts feelings & actions
  •  To und.erstand why change is hard & what it takes to change.

How REBT can Help you

  •  How to develop Internal Locus of Control
  •  How to Replace Irrational Thinking
  •  To alter the beliefs causing emotional distress
  •  How do you want to feel
  •  What meaning you attach to the event
  •  How you want to look at the things
  •  How you want to look at past events
  •  How to face troublesome life events
  •  Life skills

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