Watch inspirational talk series On Wellness By Dipti Panhalkar
on next genration.(Pune’s First Infotainment News Channel)

Dipti Panhalkar shared a series of Inspirational talk "Mind Gym And Wellness" On Next Genration(Pune’s First Infotainment News Channel)for the whole week.The topics were How to regulate the Stress,Give Some Attention and Say Bye to the Tension, Choose Action Happines,
Simple Tips Of Building Self Esteem,
Your Inner Happines Is Important etc...

Dipti Panhalkar shared 100+ articles to leading news papers like Sakal, Maharashtra Times on the topic like stress management,Parenting,Communication Skills, Mind Fitness,How to come out of depression,How to Handel Negative Emotions,Transformations In Relationships
How to copeup effectively with the breakup, success mantra for students etc.

Dipti Panhalkar shared her insights during the Interview with maharashtra Times.

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